Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unfamiliar Territory

Remember these little Easter postcards I recently made? I got to thinking what a nice pair they made, and maybe I should frame them up together. I headed to Ben Franklin to scope out frames and colored mat board. I ended up bringing home this piece of scrapbooking paper instead as well as an inexpensive dark green frame. I didn't notice until I got home that the paper's pattern includes a heavy weave as if it were fabric. Even better!

My plan was to use double-sided tape to attach the postcards to the mat, but now I'd be attaching them to paper. I know very little about scrapbooking, so I called a friend who does. I knew I'd need to secure that paper to mat board, but with what? I was envisioning some special glue that wouldn't make the paper wrinkle, but she assured me I could just use my double-sided tape. Yeah! I really like the way it came out. (If you click on the picture, you can see the weave in the paper.) I'm putting this in my church's art fair this weekend and know how nervous some people are about no protective glass over art. My compromise is to slip the glass between the back board and the mat board. That way I can display it "naked" like I like, but assure a customer that the glass is included should they wish to use it.


Chris said...

This is adorable. I'd be tempted to keep it!

The Idaho Beauty said...

And since it didn't sell today, I may well keep it. One woman was drawn to it because it reminded her of the illustrations in old children's books which she collects. Well, I shared, the fabric is a 1930's reproduction novelty print, to which she replied - well THAT explains it!