Monday, October 05, 2009

Tackling More Unfinished Business

I'm spending some time this week playing with fabric postcards again. Remember my intention from January, to work through the "unfinished business" on my work table and design walls? I have not gotten as far along on that as I would have hoped, what with adding two new challenges to my calendar and preparing a body of work for the Artwalk Exhibit, although I must admit some of those were unfinished business. Of course, there were many other distractions along the way - life happening, you know. Here it is less than three months to the end of the year, so I'd better get with it!

Of course, part of the problem is my creed of "Let no leftover go unused." As soon as one quilt is finished, I'm left with bits and pieces that I want to do something with. I'm getting better at not just adding them to the pile, but addressing them straight away. You'll recognize here leftover fabric from the Bishop's Close pieces plus more triangles jockeying around. The other two are extras I'd cut from a novelty print back when I was making Easter postcards. They were all layered with batting ready to quilt, so why not finish them now?

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naveen said...

thats good i think in this week we will see ur works, do good ,