Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Signature Style

"A signature style is about consumerism, not art. It makes life easier for those who are selling, buying or writing about the artist's work."

Raya in the Tech Talk Forum at forum.artistsnetwork.com

What do you think? Is there truth to this or is Raya simply rationalizing? Read her full comment here.


Terry said...

I think Reya, in part, misunderstands the concept. Very few artists stay with one style throughout their lifetimes. I looked at her web site and I see her style, though she varies it. I do think she is right if she is saying that often finding a saleable style locks some artists in the pattern of repeating what sells endlessly, but that is something else again.

bj parady said...

I think she's right. The artists I can think of whose work might be called a 'signature style' tend to, in my opinion, produce duplicate work and seem to be stuck in a rut. There's no surprise coming when seeing a new piece from them. Or maybe that's just my rationalization because as an artist, I get bored following the same path all the time.

Exuberant Color said...

I thought there would be some comments here to read. I definitely think she is right. I was turned down for an important teaching job because my work "was all over the place" and didn't show consistency. I really never wanted to be making "xxxxx #104". I happier with variety. I sell some pieces, just not quantity.