Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Somewhere in this house is a Sharpie pen. Not just any Sharpie pen. The ONLY Sharpie Pen I have and use almost exclusively in my studio. But I haven't seen it since I got back from my trip. Can't figure out where it is. Can't remember when I used it last.

Have done the pat down and the peak under of the stacks here and there. Have spent more time looking for it than it would take to go buy a new one. But I'm stubborn. It MUST be here SOMEWHERE and I will EVENTUALLY run across it. I'll return it to that little basket with the scissors and the pencils and the other pens.

Of course, this would happen sooner if I just cleared the mess off the various suspect places it might be. I'm trying not to let it possess me, this frustration of not being able to put my hands on something that is ALWAYS in the same few places, but isn't now. Silly. Frustrating. I feel a cleaning binge coming on...then I can either feel triumphant when I find it or totally perplexed when I don't. If I just bought a replacement, it would appear right away and I wouldn't have to straighten up my mess...It's a thought.


Terry said...

Ah yes, the elusive sharpie pen! I have played this game so many times that I now buy them by the package, so that I have at least 3 in use at any one time. Couldn't function in this house without them!

Wil Opio Oguta said...

LOL This sounds so familiair. Now you know why I always buy more than one :-)