Monday, July 20, 2009

Readying for ArtWalk II

The opening reception for Sandpoint's ArtWalk II is fast approaching. My work will be at Panhandle State Bank at 414 Church Street. If you are in the area, please stop by Friday July 31 from 5:30 - 8:00 pm for food & drink and lots of art. There are 6 artists at this location representing art quilts, watercolors, oils and acrylics! There are 22 other locations throughout downtown so plenty to see, and the exhibits stay up through September 13th.

This is a fabulous building which opened only a year or so ago. It incorporates a lot of "green" technology in its climate control systems - a very efficient building. I applaud Panhandle State Bank for their foresight in its conception:

"The Sandpoint Financial and Technical Center, designed by local architect, Gordon Longwell of GD Longwell, PLLC showcases the North Idaho architectural style of brick, natural stone, wood and log accents. Encompassing 90,000 square feet and three stories, the Sandpoint Financial and Technical Center has been designed to visually reflect the natural beauty of North Idaho and bring the scenic outdoors in -- featuring a 5,000 square foot atrium with skylights and live pine trees, a cascading water feature, period street lights patterned after those that currently exist in downtown Sandpoint, and artwork from area artisans. Natural pathways will lead visitors and customers to the bank and to a community learning center, a deli/restaurant, a full-service copy facility and to the entrances of additional financial, technical and professional businesses. The large community center with state-of-the-art video communications technology and additional training center and conference rooms, as well as the natural atrium, will be available for community non-profit organizations, bank customers and building tenants."

You may remember that my location last year provided excellent public exposure, but too much strong light exposure. Several pieces showed fading after 6 weeks, so I requested an assignment this year to a less light intensive venue. The organizers heeded my plea and I am very pleased with my spot tucked in under an overhang on the main floor of the atrium.

We hang the show next Tuesday, and although all my quilts for it are done, I still have details to attend to. Some of the frames need wire attached and all the framed pieces need labels generated and glued to the back. Today I worked on pricing the new work, always an unsettling process in spite of the formula I've devised. Where is that line between giving your work away and asking more than the current soft market can bear? Once I'm comfortable with my figures, an inventory list will be compiled and printed and signage prepared. But first, I'll play with a mock-up to see just how many pieces I can fit in my wall space. I'm hoping there's room for a few older pieces that haven't been exhibited with this group yet, but if not, I'm pleased with my core group of 8 from the last 7 or 8 months. I've already taken pictures and printed them out for my documentation files. But my artist bio could use some work. At least I don't have to box all this up and ship it.

So I guess I'll be focusing mostly on "paperwork" this week, at least until I'm sure all these details are finalized. Pretty hard with the nice weather outside...ah, the price of fame! ;-)

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Good luch with the show!