Friday, July 17, 2009


I was SO in the mood to start something new today. Well, not exactly new, but different form the azalea series I've just wrapped up. It's back to more rooting around on the work table for languishing projects and more bits to use up (and maybe the lost sharpie pen) . There are still triangles left over from the "Jockeying" idea (here & here), so I started there. I thought a part of this paint wipe cloth might work for a background.

While searching for the remaining triangles, I unearthed this Paintstik rubbing which I had been less than thrilled with. Mmm, maybe some triangles would help it along. I'd been thinking about adding yellow in the background, with paint or thread, but this really gives it a lift. I can see using a heavy yellow thread to quilt rays out from the center along the angles of those triangles.

But back to the wipe cloth. This little section should work for a postcard. Just playing with colors and a new thought on positioning the triangles.

Here's another new thought on arrangement. Not crazy about the purple on this fabric though.

This is a better background for the purple, and the teal green adds needed interest. The background fabric is one from an experiment with acrylic paint.

Different triangles, different sections of the wipe cloth. Not crazy about either.

Ah, but this I think has real potential. The background fabric is a sun print with ferns. I don't think the picture shows just how well these two browns look against the ocean-like blue-green. A wonderful contrast that I'm pretty excited about.

The pictures are mostly for reference. I plan to apply Wonder Under fusible web to the back of the triangles and wanted to be able to recreate any great compositions or combinations I stumbled on today. I found plenty to work with, plenty to keep me busy for awhile - all waiting for me on the work table. And no, the elusive Sharpie pen did not magically reappear.

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