Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Wonders of Technology

I was digging around in a closet the other day and ran across some photo enlargements from the 1970's. The one above was taken in the same area as the ones I took on my day out in Post Falls earlier this year (see this post). If you remember the story, I'd dropped my camera in the river on that original visit, but had the film developed anyway. I was a little surprised at the composition - apparently I've been fascinated by tree shapes longer than I remember. I wasn't sure if this was one of the damaged photos or just a print that had faded over the years.

I have an Epson Stylus Photo RX500 - a printer that also scans and copies. So I scanned in this photo, hit the Color Restoration button, and voila...The magic of technology! It looked right to me. Today I ran across the original print in a photo album, unfaded and identical in color to the modified scanned version. Amazing.

Here's a similar composition from my recent visit (but with a tree that is not nearly as interesting). The fascination with those rock formations is as strong today as it was 30 years ago.

This is the other enlargement I ran across and frankly couldn't remember where I'd taken it or when. It did not have the same discoloration but I suspected it was slightly faded. Today I tracked it down in a slide box, scanned the slide and confirmed that the enlargement has indeed faded a bit. Now I know it was taken around 1977 and I think somewhere near Camp Cross on Coeur d'Alene Lake.

Again, certain fascinations must follow us all our lives. You might remember this recent photo of "stairs to nowhere" taken on my walk around Brownes Addition. (see this post).

And finally, another slide from that same time, also near Camp Cross and confirming that farm equipment has long caught my attention. Don't you love the rust?

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