Sunday, August 20, 2006

I thought it was mid-August

When I went out on my morning walk yesterday, the last thing I expected to see were leaves turned red and orange. Yet here they were - a few branches of the sumacs sporting these colors. Granted, the nights have been cooler and even the daytime breezes have had a hint of fall in them, but my understanding is that decreasing daylight rather than decreasing temps is what triggers the trees to start the process of shedding their leaves. That and drought - well, they do say we've been a bit dry this summer, but we've had good rains of late greening everything up.

The orange ones were a surprise; I didn't think sumacs turned anything but a rich dark red. The red ones were less detailed but the orange ones had so much going on in them. I took them with me when I met a friend for coffee later in the day. She beamed and said, "There! Inspiration!"

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sue b said...

Boy those colors are really something! So vivid and clear. That's inspiration alright !