Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lunch with the girls

Yesterday I had lunch with my three closest Eau Claire quilting buddies. Our little quartet has been getting together for birthday lunches, shop hops, trips to quilt shows and guild activities for nearly 5 years. This lunch served as both a birthday celebration for me and a farewell feast. And of course, it included a few little gifts, guiltily presented as they know I really don't need more things to pack.

But I had just the spot for them in the top of this bin. On the left is a "Quilt Therapy" panel which I was charged with coloring in with my paints. Next to that are some "brighter fabrics than you usually use - think of me when you challenge yourself to make something from them!" The four darker fabrics on the right are actually wool fat quarters. I guess my fingers straying over them at vendor booths and comments of "someday I'd like to try working with these" stuck in this friend's mind. No excuses now! On the lower left are the brand new Gee's Bend US postal stamps - an admonition to stay in touch even if it's awhile before my e-mail is back up and running. Stellar idea and gift. And the last bit of fabric is the official Wisconsin State Flower fabric - violets to remember my years here.

Thanks guys. I will miss our get togethers and travels, sharing of projects and ideas. How nice it will be to open this bin in Idaho and be reminded of our friendship and that we really must stay in touch.

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