Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One thing leads to another and another

I've been studying that piece of fabric that I folded and painted. I see many faces, things that look like masks to me, and I am developing an idea of how to use that fabric to enhance them. Purely by accident, by virtue of the fact that it was on the same design wall as Grid 2, I noticed that the colors in the second batik might work with it. I placed a few squares here and there, and it is giving me more ideas of where to go with this. I doubt I would have made the connection independently that this batik would work with this piece of fabric.

Then I removed the stabilizer from the back of Grid 2. And because I am just that way, I was being very careful and meticulous about it. When done, I had this thing that look like window panes. Now, I save scraps of stabilizer like I save scraps of fabric - sometimes all you need is a little piece, especially if whipping up a sample. So I was about to fold this up and put it away when the thought occurred to me, gee, I wonder if I could paint it and apply it on top of fabric? Would it work at all like the tissue paper sun printing or could I affix it with textile medium? Yikes! You art quilters have definitely influenced me - warping my little traditional brain beyond my recognition sometimes!

Either of these could be considered happy accidents leading to design resolutions. I recently read that the trick to becoming a good artist is to learn from these accidents so that you can repeat them at will, not have to rely on accidents to create good work. I know I stumble upon good color combinations more often than I can consciously put them together. I also know that the more experience I get putting together colors, the better I will get at it and the less I'll have to depend on chance juxtapositions. Still, I think those chance pairings will always happen and are what make working with fabric so exciting.

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