Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shredding the Past

That's what it feels like I've been doing for the last few hours. Not to worry, just running old tax files, bills and such through the shredder. So much paper with social security numbers, account numbers and other info identity thieves no doubt could use that my little shredder overheated and stopped twice. Another bag holds the rest of the paper that didn't need shredding but definitely didn't need to come to Idaho with me. Old resumes, letters of recommendation, workshop certificates - all so old as to be immaterial if I were to consider employment again. Lots of other paper I no longer need and actually wonder why I kept at all.

I also broke down a bunch of boxes in the garage, unearthed a crate full of heavy duty extension cords, computer cords and phone cords I'd totally forgotten I had, and stuffed the packing paper from two moves ago into bags for recycling. I am such a packrat!

The process is both freeing and depressing. Freeing to shed (and shred) that very old part of my past that is meaningless anymore but weighing me down, depressing to see how tightly I've held on to so much useless stuff. Well, I'm trying to mend my ways and it shows by what is stacked to go out with the trash tomorrow.

On the other hand, yesterday was more about keeping and controlling. Oh, I AM getting serious about this move - the design wall flannels came down as well as my award ribbons. I packed up the extension table for my sewing machine and about all that's left in there is to box the sewing machine up and take down the journal quilts. This has been a very satisfying process going through my studio. I wonder how good a job I'll do (and how quickly) setting things up on the other end.

And the dog gets more and more nervous with each box I touch. She's been through several moves and definitely recognizes the signs!

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