Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Progress on Grid #2

It was very tempting to ignore Grid 2 today and head for the safety of that Mariner's Compass block. Decided I would only continue to stew needlessly and feel defeated if I did not charge right back in, make final decisions and stitch down those squares. Keep reminding oneself - it's only a practice piece, it's only a practice piece, series are about learning, honing, perfecting not with one quilt but with many. I don't heed this thought well, but today I try.

I moved a few squares and changed out a few only to go back to where I had left it yesterday. Really, good enough and the changes were not improvements. Move on to thread choice.

Right up there with wishing I could visualize better is wishing I could trust myself more. Here are the samples of various thread colors I tried, five in all, only to come back to my original thinking of using the brown thread. Also in the picture, you can see the "hairy" decorative thread I think I want to couch over the squares. As long as I think that is what I'll use, the more the brown thread for the satin stitching makes sense. At any rate, once I'd made the decision, the rest was enjoyable. I love feeling competent, and there is so much of the design decision-making in art quilt that I don't feel competent at yet. That is why yesterday was not fun. But now with those decisions out of the way, I could do what I do best - the technical side. Square up the background, measure and draw out the placement grid. Pin on the squares, back with a tearaway stabilizer and satin stitch away.

I was so please that the brown satin stitching worked the way I hoped it would, the squares no longer blending into the background, but standing out pretty well.

Maybe I'll feel the same about those glasses frames when I see them again...

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sue b said...

Fantastic ! This is a beautiful piece. I am in love with the colors in this.