Monday, August 14, 2006

What's up this week

Moving priorities kicked into high gear today. I was right not to set any art goals last week, except for finishing the pillow on Monday and then the ever on-going hand quilting. I didn't get as far as I thought I would on that last one, but I did get about half the block done, so will try to settle to it a few evenings this week. No other goals need apply.

I've been getting rid of a few things I can't sell and refuse to move through freecycle and it is an amazing experience. When you give to charity, you really don't know if your stuff goes anywhere but into another bin, but through e-mail, I know who is picking up my stuff and often why. Like today, it was a young man taking away my snow tires for the Saab I no longer have. Take the rims too please. He did, and in the process pointed to the older woman in his van (his mother?) saying the tires were to replace the totally bald ones on her car and he thought he could put the rims to use on his trailer. Nice. Other items get set out at the door so the recipient can pick them up at their convenience, and it is magical the way they disappear. Anyway, because of some pick-ups today, I ended up spending time cleaning and tossing in the garage - much easier than in my studio! Perhaps the exhilaration of that experience will carry me to similar success as I move back inside the house.

I also checked my lists and tended to a few more phone calls, typed a letter to the landlord and boxed up a couple things to ship to relatives. Every little bit helps.

Perhaps I can fudge and say an artistic goal of the week is to corral some of the chaos in the studio. In my usual fashion, I don't just want to dump things into any old bin, but want to have a logical reason for certain items and projects to end up together. Just putting thought into it is allowing me to think about those projects, how they will progress, when I might work on them again, what special items need to be stored with them. Someone suggested that if I get flashes of inspiration while packing things away, I should have a notebook ready to record them. I thought that was a great idea and think my small sketchbook might be the perfect place to do that. I plan to leave it out to take in the car with me, so I won't have to hunt for it on the other end.

So today was a very high energy and "up" day on the moving front. I know not all days will feel this good, so I am enjoying it while I can.

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margaret said...

Surely corralling chaos is an artistic goal -- "it all feeds into the same place" and if you're being distracted by chaos, that saps your creative energy. Though at the moment you'll be needing momentum, rather than creative energy?