Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time for Lists

And unfortunately, not quilt or art lists. I think the creative goals for the week will have to be put on hold as I begin to address the many details involved in orchestrating a move. I've made the first phone calls (to my current landlord and to the moving company) and then realized what a mess my place is in. I get the estimate from the movers tomorrow and the landlord may start showing my place soon, so today I spent some time straightening up "non-public" areas that will soon be open to all. In the process, I discovered some forgotten treasure and smiled at the thought of discovery at the other end. I've been here 6 years, and a move always helps one weed things out and bring to light all those things you meant to do. So instead of dreading the unpacking on the other end, today I found myself looking forward to it, imagining my creative impulses being led not by my own devises, but by whatever pops out of a box first. Exciting!

But back to the lists. I've talked before about how valuable they are to me, helping me to focus and keeping me on track, not to mention giving me a visual affirmation of progress as items get crossed off. I think I need to make three separate lists: calls that need to be made, research that needs to be done, and things that need to be taken care of. I envision pages and pages of this and although I know that once I get it down on paper, a lot of my anxiety will go away, I can't settle myself down to do it. A part of me is in denial, I guess, and I'd rather be sewing.

So sew I did. I did everything on my list of goals last week, and since the mariner's compass block was to be made into a pillow top, I decided to do that yesterday - with the idea I'd take it as my final show and tell at my guild later that night. Pretty simple procedure, but I was so distracted that I wasted a bit of time before the work calmed and settled me. I didn't quite get all the hand stitching done before the meeting, but took it anyway, then finished it up this morning. Here it is:

I normally round the corners of my pillow tops, and instead of doing piping, I run binding around the edge. But I committed one of my more common faux pas - picked out the fabric for the binding without considering whether I actually had enough of it left. To go around a round corner, the binding must be cut on the bias, and I was lucky to get enough straight strips out of my little piece of rust fabric. So square corners it is.

Actually, I think I could put one quilting goal on the list for the week. I discovered I was farther along on the quilting of the Lone Star than I thought, and if I quilt some each night, I think I can get the marked part of the hand quilting done before I move. That would be so great if I could. So I'm going to try to complete the quilting on the last square this week which will only leave the last triangle - quiltable in a week or so.

By the way, the response to my news of yesterday from those of you who read my blog really tickled me. I hadn't looked at those pictures for a few weeks, and frankly, I was awed by what I was seeing. A part of me still can't believe my luck at finding a place in such a beautiful setting. I guess I'll have no more excuses for whining and not doing the work!

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