Sunday, August 27, 2006

Purging continues...

...And the doubleknits, polyester blends, trigger and kettle cloth have been deep-sixed. On the left is a box and a bag full of them ready to go to Bethesda Thrift Shop, while on the right is the fourth box of clothes and miscellaneous household goods ready for Goodwill. It also holds some good intentions that I'm finally facing up to - needlepoint canvas, outdated dress patterns, pre-acid free scrapbooks and photo albums I've not touched in years and will never touch.

In exchange, I freed up one long storage unit which I can now fill with the cottons I use but had run out of room for. And made room in a footlocker, already harboring some wonderful Pendleton wools, for more wools that were a gift (I'm really going to make some slacks...really!). Fabric for possible dress & jacket projects that had been stacked on a closet shelf fit nicely in the top. A few other things were slipped in here and there. For the most part, it made sense what was going in there. But there's still a bit of room and I've reached the packing stage where organization goes out the window. Ah, well.

There's still quite a bit of stuff to take down in the studio. As bit by bit gets put away and walls become bare, I've realized several things. One is that the longer something is in our daily sight, the less we see it. It's probably a good thing to review these, ponder why they were up in the first place, see them fresh on the other end. Another is there are still things that feel like weights but I still can't part with them. And then there's the lightness created by the bare walls themselves - nothing vying for attention, demanding to be worked on, administering guilt for being neglected. Oh, and I keep unearthing things I'd forgotten I had or at least never expected to find where I did. I hope I can be better organized when I set up again. Keep repeating my mantra...Fresh start, Fresh start.

And in the midst of all this, I find myself motivated to get that hand-quilting done on the Lone Star. I finished up the last big square and am not quite half done with the last triangle. I will be so pleased if all the marked quilting is done before it has to be removed from the frame and packed up.

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