Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inside Rochester's Plummer Building

I've shown you pictures of the outside of the Plummer Building, one of the original Mayo Clinic buildings, but we didn't get inside until recently. We had heard how spectacular it is and it truly is. Judi and I took enough pictures to supply design inspiration for some time. Every surface has interesting and seldom repeated motifs. Enjoy the tour. Click on any picture for a larger view.

I believe this front desk was salvaged from the original building that was replaced by the current Plummer building. Beautiful marble with inlaid designs any quilter would recognize.

It's a short hallway but full of design...

...especially the ceilings.

Spectacular elevator doors and detailing around other doors.

Even the old chairs are interesting and detailed.

Marble floors.

Stairwell to the "subway" level.

Not as spectacular down here but I love this old marble fountain.

And these elevator doors which are very different from the ones on the main floor.

Finally, the main entrance foyer is so ornate and includes this stained glass ceiling with chandelier.

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