Monday, September 03, 2012

Rochester's Foster Arend Park

Continuing with the holiday weekend, we went in search of another body of water with park in the Rochester area. Judi's doctor had asked if we'd been to Foster Arend Park after hearing us complain about Silver Lake. "It has a beach," he assured us, "Just like California," he said with a sly grin. "Yeah, you're not foolin' us," we told him. But still, we decided to check it out yesterday as it was such a hot day and wanted to get out of the motel room for awhile. And sure enough, there's a beach, with people swimming, just like California...

But a lake it is not, and the sign confirms that's not just our Pacific Northwest opinion.

Unlike Silver Lake, this lake actually looks clean enough to swim in. It sits in a hollow formed by a gravel pit below a grassy area with picnic tables and a swing.

Down at the end people were fishing and putting various small watercraft into the water. The award winning SkiDox water ski team also performs here throughout the summer.

There were several kiyakers as well as a paddle boarder that came along later.

And this canoe spent some time in the water too.

My warped sense of humor had to take the pic of the guy carrying the canoe - always a funny sight to me for some reason, and check out that decorative trim around the edge if you can.

Here's how I think Judi and I should be getting around town, but she just gives me that look.

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