Thursday, November 04, 2010

Another definition of art

From an article in the June 2010 issue of The Artist's Magazine, Rudolf Stussi talks about the fifth perspective, but I think his thoughts here apply to any work of art:

"Art is a subjective practice - not about reflecting the world, but rather restructuring the world through the experience and knowledge as well as the fantasy of the creator. Art is an effort to garner new insights and, most importantly, to transmit them. Not to mince words, art is communication, a process of inspiring others to take a new look at things they thought they knew. Therefore, on some levels, art must be accessible to others. Because my pictures have a recognizable subject matter, viewers find a connection, which then carries them through the more unfamiliar and bizarre aspects of the painting and leads them to new understanding or, perhaps even better, new mystification! In this unique way, the fifth perspective combines the power of observation with the freedom of the imagination."

I particularly like the part about garnering new insights and transmitting them. That is what I try to do.


June said...

I like this very much myself: the fifth perspective -- very interesting. I'm going to ruminate on it for a long time. Thanks.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I thought you might - really had you in mind as I read about it. Would be interested in what comes out of your ruminations.