Monday, November 08, 2010


We get so used to seeing things a certain way. Allowing a change in perspective can open up new avenues, exciting ones. When auditioning fabrics for "Willow" I pulled batiks that I'd had for a long time. The one above was marked 1998, and I'd never used the 1/2 yard length. As I considered it for my sky, I rued that there was so much light blue blotches - I was looking for something a little more medium blue and mottled. Maybe this was why I'd not found a use for it yet. Not until I considered how it would be quilted did I see those blotches as clouds - the perfect sky!

I've had this fabric for nearly as long - liked it enough to buy it in two colorways. I've used it several times, to represent grasses along water.

No doubt my seeing it as grass is influenced by, yes, this type of grass I see all the time.

But because my mind was on willows, when I pulled it from the stash and gave it a turn, well, don't those look like willow branches hanging down now? Truly never saw that before, and now it has sparked an idea for another willow quilt.


Connie Rose said...

Lovely fabrics, Sheila. When I first saw the one on top, and the word "willow," I immediately thought of the Blue Willow china pattern because the fabric colors are similar to those on the china!

The Idaho Beauty said...

You are so right, Connie. I'd forgotten all about that china pattern.

Little Wren said...

Oh that is very nice fabric! Isn't it great to rummage thru your stash and come out with the perfect piece?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, it's my preferred way to work. I hate going shopping for a specific fabric for a quilt - you never can find just what you need it seems. Having to work with what's on hand really stretches you. At least it does me.