Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Sampling of the What If Exhibit

I promised quite awhile ago to give you a bit of a tour of POAC's What If exhibit, and at last, I've some pictures to share. Above are my two entries: "Lights of Las Vegas" and "Dance."

Across from mine are these paintings by Bill Klein. I overheard him explaining how he laid down masking tape to get the shapes.

Also across from me these lovely paintings by Catherine Isele.

These are digital art by Steve Wylie - a favorite of mine.

And these are art quilts by Marty Bowne.

This large unframed, unstretched canvas is a painting called "Fall is in the Air" by Stephen Scroggins. He explained to me that he sells quite a bit of work on the east coast and Europe, and his customers like the ease with which these large pieces of art can be transported and hung.

On this particular piece, he drizzled yarn over the surface and added more paint.

This is a photo on canvas called "Amber" by Staci Bailey.

For variety, Darlene Pfahl exhibited her exquisite jewelry.

And Rob Payne added his birch-trimmed mirror.

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