Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Gift from a Friend

I've had this now for a few weeks, but have just loaded it up and gotten a picture of it. It's a belated birthday gift from friend Cindy, who has been making multiples of this handy fabric caddy. Personally, I think she's insane, what with TWO zippered pockets on the outside and all those little pockets lining the sides of the interior. All I can say is thank you so much, because I would not have the patience to make even one for myself!

I wasn't sure what I would fill it with, knowing most quilters would use it for scissors, rotary cutters, maybe rulers and the like. I already have a basket on my worktable for some of that, and a nice ruler caddy. But mostly, I have no room to set this in my sewing room, so cluttered am I. Instead, I thought of all the paint brushes and other painting tools I keep in the big measuring cup (which then becomes problematic when I want to use the cup for measuring). And the bottles of glue, medium and other odds and ends not actually paint (which I already have a container for). I definitely have room for something like this on the table where I use my paints, and once I started testing those pockets out, I knew I'd found the perfect use for it. Thanks again, Cindy, I love it!

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linda said...

What a lovely & useful gift.
I do the same with measuring jugs then have to empty them to measure!
Great ice photo too.