Thursday, November 25, 2010

Retropective Thanks

It's Thanksgiving Day here in America, and it has been a pretty quiet one for me. It's been snowing - maybe 4 inches of beautiful light snow to freshen up the view - and I am home from sharing dinner with some of my church family. My contribution was a batch of yams fixed up Chinese style - simmered with slices of ginger, drained, mashed and mixed with sugar. This year has been a wild ride for me, and any thankfulness I share today is basically because the ride seems to be slowing down, and I am becoming whole again.

But the wild ride is just beginning for the families of 29 miners trapped and presumed dead in a mine in New Zealand. I'm not seeing much news coverage of this here, only know about it because of my fellow blogger and art quilter Shirley Goodwin. She is requesting heart blocks which will be made into quilts for all the families, hopefully enough for each child to receive his or her own quilt. Such a generous heart that woman has. And since my dad worked in the mines most of his life, and my brothers also did their stints underground, all without major mishap but never without the womenfolk in fear of it, how could I not answer her request. I am so thankful that I did not have to go through what those 29 families are now experiencing.

So I am quickly making up some blocks - the ones here are ready for some stitching around the applique - and slipping them into the mail. If you would like to join me, contact Shirley through Facebook where she's posted the details or through her blog, Dyeing2Design.

Here's a link to one of the more recent news stories about the disaster.

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