Monday, November 13, 2006

Goals for Week of Nov 13

I decided two things yesterday as I thought about goals for this week. One was that I needed to get into high gear on these placemats. A look at the calendar jogged me to the realization that Thanksgiving is next week, so completing the placemats couldn't be left for later in the week, in spite of the fact I planned to do the leaf printing today. So I got down to work today and got the two layered and turned pillowcase style, then machine quilted. Quick and dirty and the set of four with tablerunner are packaged, ready to mail tomorrow.

The other thing I decided was that in addition to individual goals, I needed to set a goal for time spent in the studio. I've been undisciplined for so long that re-establishing some discipline in my work habits is a bit of a challenge, especially since discipline is not one of my strong suits. I've fallen back into bad habits and mindsets not conducive to doing the sort of focused and intense work I'd envisioned for my first year out here. Time to get serious and schedule time in the studio, regardless of how it is used.

I no doubt am thinking along these lines because I am re-reading "Art and Fear," a slim but meaty book every aspiring artist should read. In the first few chapters I am reminded that all the misgivings we struggling artists have about our talent and our work are no different from any artist be they amateur, professional, genius or not. In other words, time to suck it up and get to work, because everything we need to learn to move forward can be found in our current piece. I like that thought, and in fact know it to be true from my journey with traditional quilts. Why I'd think it would be any different with my art quilt journey , I don't know.

So here are my goals for the week:
  1. Finish placemats (done!)
  2. Print batik and sheers with willow leaves
  3. Spend minimum of three days in the studio
As an aside, I noticed two things while working on the placemats. One is that the room has a disturbing echo - nothing on the walls yet and no curtains on the windows either to soak up sound. Will have to get those design wall flannels up soon. The other is that I get great natural light falling just right where I position myself to work at the ping pong table. As I looked up, I noticed that although I'm looking at the landlord's vacation home, now that the leaves have fallen off the trees, I can see through them to the lake and mountains beyond. And yes, that's snow on the mountains.

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margaret said...

Catching up - loved the birchtree trunks, and the light on the lake - but it was the sunbonnet sue gone mad that had me in stitches!