Friday, November 24, 2006

Step four...

...More pressing, this time to one side. Yes, I couldn't stay out of the studio today, so after a lunch break, I went back to press the newly sewn units.

As stated in the other post about pressing, the rest of the seams in this block will be pressed to one side, not open. When possible, the direction to press the seam should be towards the side with no or the least number of seams. In this case, pressing toward the just added triangle and away from the seamed unit will work perfectly, resulting in less bulk in that seam and in the seam joinings to come.

This time there's no advantage to using a slightly rounded surface, but I still use my finger to gently open up the seam before applying the iron. This is always done from the right side to avoid pressing in an unwanted tuck in the seam. Again, go gently to prevent stretching or distorting the unit.

Here's my stack of pressed units, ready for play on the wall. Each unit represents one quarter of the finished block.

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