Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Goals for Week of November 6th

Yes, shocking I know. I bet you forgot (or perhaps never knew) that I used to post weekly goals. I gave up on that in August when the upheaval from the impending September move got too much, and it was obvious that creative work was not going to happen.

But that's all behind me now, I'm feeling fairly settled and complacent, and it's high time I discipline myself again. Took me no time to located the "Project Lists/Weekly Goals" notebook, and I decided to check the project list first. I'm not only miles from where I compiled that list, I feel light years away from it as well. Not going to amend it or worry about it or even think about it right now. I know what I want to do over the next few weeks, whether or not it's on the list, and I'll worry about how much of the old list is still relevant much much later.

Then I flipped to the last goals entry and was a little shocked to see August 7th. I know I didn't quit sewing then, just quit setting the goals, but my, again that seems so very long ago, another lifetime ago. Odd.

I do remember the weeks when I felt it necessary to keep my goals simple, and the weeks when I needed to push myself more. This week feels like a "keep it simple" week, since the studio isn't totally set up yet. In fact, that could be one of my goals for the week, but I'm leaving it off for now. Instead, I'm going to ease back into sewing and goal setting with two simple things. First, I'm digging out the pre-cut strips and pattern from a placemat class I taught. I like the Lover's Knot pattern a lot and even designed and made a matching table runner. Two of four placemats were finished in the course of teaching the class and two are left to make. These are not for me, although I could really use some new placemats. Just not these, with their pumpkins and sunbonnet sue fabric - fabrics I had to use to keep the shop owner happy. One of the on-going frustrations that convinced me to give up teaching. However, I think I know just the person who would really like them and use them, so I want to get the set finished up in order to present them in time for Thanksgiving. Yup, I'd better get on it.

That's all I was going to put on the list, but apparently, the willow leaves have been feeling left out, that I've been paying too much attention to the maple and oak leaves. They think I should work with them. I started noticing a few willow leaves on the ground over by the landlord's house - no willows near my house - last week and that jogged my memory about the willow series I started, then put on the back burner. (See the inaugural quilt here.) Not now, I thought, later much later. But the willows apparently don't agree. It's been pretty windy and they've taken the opportunity to fly up onto my lawn. Still I ignore them. This morning, I find them covering my porch. Alright already! Guess there's no reason I couldn't gathered up a bunch, get the paints back out and do some more leaf printing. I'd planned to try stamping with homemade willow leaf stamps, but printing with the actual leaves is even better. So yes, an assortment of willow leaves are now bagged, and I'm adding leaf printing the fabric for the next in the series to my goals for the week.

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margaret said...

Enjoyed your "finding old silks" story -- I recently found some old passports that I'd been looking everywhere for; isn't that feeling of discovery wonderful. I'll certainly check out Gala Fabrics when next in Victoria. Meanwhile, how are those leafy quilts coming along?