Friday, November 17, 2006

I Be Dancin'!

And not because I've won a prize, or had a piece accepted into a show, but because I spent a big chunk of the day in the studio starting a new piece. And it felt great! I cranked up the stereo (something I rarely could do when I lived in the fourplex), got out fabric set aside a long time ago with thoughts of making a fall-themed wall quilt, did some calculations and dived it. Above is the test block surrounded by all the rest of the pieces I cut today, enough to make 56 pinwheel blocks.

Not sure where this is going. My original idea has morphed along with my interests and skills. I thought I'd incorporate a newer batik bought last year, but when put next to these fabrics, it was clear I needed to stay with my original leaf fabric. The idea comes from a tablerunner pattern, of all things, but I liked its use of this pinwheel block coupled with the fall fabrics. The blocks may end up being the border, or they may end up being the center. I may make more blocks with the larger triangle in green, or I may just stick with this. Eventually, birch trunks will be appliqued in the center.

I enjoyed the relaxed pace I found myself working at. No pressure in terms of deadline. This is for me so no pressure to make a great work of art. I found myself dancing to the music as I worked - yes, a happy dance. I could have incorporated some speed techniques, but I opted not to. That way I can take my time, think about how the colors are working, better control the mottling of the hand-dyed fabric. The two rusts I'm using are very similar, and depending on the cut, can have very little or quite a bit of contrast. The finished size of these blocks is 3-1/2" and I hope I don't get bored making so many of them.

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