Friday, November 10, 2006


I promised to share some of the pictures I took around the property on Sunday. Once the fog of relocation cleared, I noticed several birch trees over by the landlord's house. With leaves gone, it was clearer that they were there, if that makes sense. They are unlike the slender white-barked birches I avidly studied back in Wisconsin. See sample here.

These weren't the only kind of birches in my neighborhood though. Before moving, I took this picture to reference a birch with a different look. It interested me because the shape and horizontal lines in the bark made it look bottom heavy to me, ponderous as opposed to lithe and souring. This is the type of birch here on the property with trunks that are stouter and straighter, bark less starkly white.

Here's the Idaho version. At first I was shooting to capture basic lines and shapes, then zeroing in closer to capture texture. Some shots I concentrated on composition too as it occurred to me it would be good practice. Much can be learned about composition with a camera. Not telling which shots are which! And as always, you can click on a picture to see a larger view.

As so often happens when snapping away, I was missing some subtle details at first. Like the flesh-color undertones of the trunk, and the delicate green of lichen and moss. I lowered the camera and stepped forward for a closer look.

Then I looked up at the branches. Even more texture going on there as bark curled and lichen multiplied.

These last two are of a different type of tree - not sure what but it had fruit when I first arrived. The upper portion had rough angular texture...

...The lower portion a different look.

Don't know where these images might show up in my work, but it seemed important to capture them for future reference.

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