Monday, November 20, 2006

Goals for Week of Nov 20

I feel good about meeting my modest goals of last week. I added "minimum of 3 days in the studio" with no clear idea of how that time would be spent, except for finishing up the placemats. It left me free to do whatever struck my fancy on that day, but by knowing I had to put in the third day, I was more likely to "show up" to do something. That something was a new project - the pinwheel block wall quilt. I refer to it as a new project even though it is an old idea from as long as 7 years ago. Fabrics were placed in a bag along with the source of my inspiration, but since it never got beyond a germ of an idea until last week, I consider it new work. Semantics are everything!

I think I'll leave the minimum studio days at 3 since Thanksgiving is this week. I'm not traveling anywhere or having company in but I do plan to give myself the day off, do a little extra cooking and maybe take in a movie. The beauty of stating "minimum" is that it sets an open-ended goal; if I feel like putting more time in, I certainly will, but I'm not pressured to. For now, that is what I need. So here are the plans for the week:
  1. Spend minimum of 3 days in the studio. Work will include the next two goals:
  2. Piece pinwheel blocks. Don't know if that will be all 56 cut out and ready to go or not. My thinking on the layout is changing and I may not need that many of this color combination.
  3. Work with one of the sheer leaf prints in a journal-type or similar size project.
  4. Update tech journal with leaf printing info and pictures.

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