Thursday, November 16, 2006

More leaf printing

Does leaf printing count as time in the studio, even if it takes place in the kitchen? That's the trouble with getting too literal about things. When I added "3 days in the studio" to my goals, I must admit my mind was envisioning 3 days in that very room, and by default, 3 days sewing or cutting or embellishing. But painting or dyeing will never take place in there, yet they definitely count toward "working." So I guess I need to expand my mind to include the kitchen as part of the studio...Here I am set up on the kitchen table with commercial batik, sheers, leaves & paint.

I worked exclusively with Liquetex acrylics today, adding textile medium and mixing a few colors of my own to more closely resemble the colors of the willow leaves I had on hand. I used camel hair brushes this time, instead of the foam brush, and I think I like the way it applied the paint better. I didn't apply the paint thickly enough on the first few tries but got more consistent as I went along. I thought these acrylics were opaque, but apparently not. You can see one white leaf that was printed over with brown. Or was it the other way around? No telling as the white showed through the brown.

Printing on sheers was an idea that came from Margaret. I'd never thought of it on my own, I'm sure. I rather liked the effect. I suspected there'd be bleed-through, so I tried laying the sheer - really kind of a netting - over the batik.

Here's the netting after printing...

And here's the batik with the bleed-through. Very nice, although hard to see on this particular fabric. I decided after the fact that this was too busy for these colors.

This is a polyester Georgette. It was difficult getting the paint the right consistency to work on this. The effect changed depending on what the georgette was laid on.

I'm not sure what this is but it is the densest sheer of the group. No bleed-through to speak of. Not sure I'm happy with the colors & positions of the leaves, but I liked the way the leaf prints worked on this particular fabric.

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