Sunday, November 19, 2006

Suggestive of Patchwork?

Here are the last of the pictures from a few weeks ago. I shot this first one because of the splash of yellow above the line of fir trees. It was only after I'd looked at it on the computer that I noticed that the yellow wasn't from deciduous trees like maples or ash, but from tamaracks which resemble evergreens with their green needles but are actually a deciduous conifer whose needles turn yellow and drop in the fall. Go here for more on tamaracks.

The other thing I noticed once the picture was up on the computer screen was that if I squinted to blur the image a bit, the jagged line of yellow resembled a bargello-like pattern. Bargello usually refers to a needlepoint stitch or pattern as seen here, but of course, quilters, including me, couldn't resist translating the undulating design in patchwork.

It should be fairly obvious why I captured this shadow pattern created by the low angle of the sun shining through the fence. It rather surprised me that the shadows were so thick. The resulting blocky pattern certainly reminded me of patchwork.

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