Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's alive!

And humming along contentedly, as am I, while dog also seems contented if the sighs, moans and snoring are any indication.

Gosh, it's good to be back at the machine, even if what I'm doing isn't rocket science. I was right about the placemats being a good entry point to getting back to work. No decisions to be made, just simple half log cabin construction to remind me of how it goes and to make sure the machine is working fine. It seems to be sewing better, oddly enough. Maybe we both needed a rest.

I was further along on the samples than I thought. Instead of two placemats left to piece, I only had one. The other was done except for adding the border strips. Here they are ready to layer and quilt.

And here's that Sunbonnet Sue fabric that is cute, but just not me.

There's a hunk of it left - I'll probably send it along with the placemats and tablerunner in case the recipient wants to make hotpads or something. Too bad I can't actually alter it like I can on the computer. See what Sue can do when manipulated.

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sue b said...

Those placemats are lovely, great combination of fabrics and colors!