Saturday, September 06, 2008

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Now what???

As you can see, the quilting is done around the outside of my quilted "frame" and I am so in love with it. But as I stand back and look at the piece as a whole, that frame definitely needs some sort of defining on the inside. It almost seems to need a little bit of orange for balance, but as West Country Buddha noted in her comment here, I don't want to lose the contrast of the black around the applique.

Her thinking of how to quilt down that section, by the way, is so in line with what I'd been thinking to do that it's scary! I'm still considering a sprinkling of beads in there too, much on the same order as her french knots suggestion. I was considering purple beads for those spaces within the applique itself, but perhaps some orange echoing the line of the frame. What do you think? I'll be pondering this for a few days and hoping for a brilliant idea from one of you!


Feather on a Wire said...

I'm with Annabel here, though I'd like to see a thread close to the black fabric, but not quite. Something like an anthracite, something so you can see the stitch but it's not in your face.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I got out a variegated purple (King Tut cotton) and wondered if it would be a suitable tie-in, and not in your face. I also have on of their grey to black variegateds. Sounds like it's time for another sample.


Thanks for the link and nice words! I can see what you mean about the orange but I still think it would be better dark and understated. there seems to be orange in the free machined swirls outside the motif. If you felt it still needed more, you could always zap in some more orange on the outside, eg by putting a running stitch of orange thread just in front of the binding - or something!