Thursday, September 04, 2008


More thought, more thread unearthed to test, and a chalk marker helped clear up my confusion about how to proceed on my TIFC for August. This motif is definitely "stolen" from Dijanne Cevaal's Seventy-Two Ways Not to Stipple or Meander but I believe I'm using it in a slightly different way than I've seen her use it. Actually, it reminds me of my birch trees and the way I sometimes applique down bias strips used to form them (see here). I "sketched" the main lines with the chalk, "erasing" and redrawing until I had them the way I liked, then free motion stitched this with an Oliver Twist hand-dyed thread. I really like the way it frames the center design and provides a visual separation between what I added in the outside corners.

I tried a few other ideas before returning to the one tested on the sampler in the previous post. I found a King Tut variegated thread that was more orange than the one on the sample and decided it was perfect. I stitched a few more variations and decided to do the main design in the green, and use the orange/yellow to make those little circles along the inner curves. It is time consuming since, as I noted before, I can't travel between areas - lots of starting and stopping with just a little quilting in between. But I do like it a lot. It's giving the balanced glow I was hoping for and does not overpower in proportion or value the central design. Click on the picture for a larger view that shows the colors better.

Not sure what I'm going to do in that space around the applique, but because of the heaviness of the rest of the quilting, I'll have to do something - it puffs up too much. Perhaps some beading?



My personal view? Apart from my usual view that you should do exactly what it tells you to do, that is! I like the dark contrast next to the colours and I think if you added too much other stuff this might diminish. The quilting outside this area is beautiful and you might also detract from this. How about a dark thread which matches the black fabric and heavy stitching but in a plain way not too patterned, say, 1/4 parallel lines, or maybe a touch of shadow quilting? Not entirely sure on the stitch. If that's too much and you find you can't live with the puffiness of the space how about a few small black french knots?

Exuberant Color said...

That is actually a pretty generic type of quilting that lots of us have used for years and it works very well on your piece. I think any quilting in the center needs to be with matching thread. I would probably just outline some of the motifs in the print. Or use the beads or French knots idea.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, Wanda, I know this is an old favorite, one I used years ago too. I almost rejected it because it is so almost overused, but I like the way it mimics the applique shapes. I don't recall seeing the addition of the squiggly circles along the inner curves like I've done here in the different thread color, though and when I hit upon that, I not only felt more comfortable using it but also liked it better.

I've been looking at those motifs in the print wondering if outlining them would be the answer, but also wondering if the quilting would just cover them up. Obviously, I need to think more on this.