Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mixing finishes

Should one mix matte-finish beads with sparkly ones on a piece? That's the dilemma I find myself in this morning. The beads around the outside of my TIFC quilt are matte. Now I am ready to add beads to the center portion and my selections are mostly shiny. I found a nice green matte bead, and then a darker green shiny one. I'm torn, worried that the sudden introduction of reflection makes a confusing statement.

So I'm taking a break and having some lunch. Hopefully, my subconscious will work it out while I think of something else, and all will be clear when I return to the studio.


Anne Wigfull said...

I would. Can you lay a few of each kind in the intended areas of the quilt and see what you think?

Mary Stori said...

Yes.....mixing shiny with matte is acceptable. In fact, I use that method often to provide a sense of depth and texture in the work because the eye sees them differently.
Please email me personally.....dah...I can not find your email address on either computer.....dah!

Lisa said...

I've mixed finishes before - usually when putting a TON of beads on a piece. Not sure about it if it's just accent. It'll be interesting to see what you decide to do.