Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Confused...as usual

Here's some of the threads and design ideas I played with today in preparation for quilting my August TIFC quilt. As usual, the picture in my head did not begin to match the reality, and I am at a loss as to how to proceed. I don't want the quilting to overpower the design, yet I want it to be interesting in its own right. The red/yellow variegated thread in the lower left looks too red to me now. I really like the green but is it interesting enough on its own? Does mixing the two add interest or distraction to this particular quilt? I even retrieved one thread I'd eliminated during the auditioning process - that's it in the upper left.

At least I got the quilting along the edges of the applique done, using the green rayon sulky twist thread resting near the top. I started playing with the background quilting idea by sketching as you can see to the right. I think I have Feather on a Wire to thank for my thinking to add the circles along the curve of those shapes. See this blog post where she is adding circles to her wonderful feather design. I like the idea but not sure if I should use it here. Using a different color for the circles seemed to make the other color sort of disappear. Then I thought to try adding them in the same color - the green sample near the top right. That could work well, and can be done as part of the continuous line quilting. When adding a second color, there's really no way to travel from one line to the next. (Click on either picture for a larger view.)

After folding the sample this way and that, and placing it on the quilt top here and there, I suddenly hit upon an idea, but the color of thread is still up in the air. At least I have a cool little sample...

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