Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, I just can't wait any longer for my friends to retrieve their trip pictures from their balky computers. Here is the reason we picked this weekend for a get-together in the Hood River, OR area - Mary Stori! Judi and I are old friends of Mary's from our Brodhead, WI days. Mary now lives near Ashville, NC and the only time we get to see her is if we happen to be at the same quilt show.

I'm not sure how many members the Columbia River Gorge Quilt Guild has, but they put on a nice little show with about 85 quilts and quite a few vendors. There were a variety of workshops, including Mary's beading ones, but we opted just to view the show and attend Mary's lecture later that evening. Joining us were Sherrie Spangler, formerly from Rockford, IL and now living in Gig Harbor WA (she and Judi were in an art quilt group together) and Rhonda Harris, a new quilting friend Judi has made in Hood River (and member of this guild). Mary had many of her quilts laid out on tables for viewing, and I really like the new turn her work has taken with beading & embellishing on felted wool. Need to try that. See Mary's blog entry here to see some of her students' work that weekend.

After the lecture, we followed her back to her lovely accommodations at Skamania Lodge, for a few hours of show & tell, girl-talk, chocolate and wine. At midnight, Mary stood up like Cinderella at the ball, announcing that since she had to teach the next day, she needed to go to bed. Oops! We were having such a great time and ourselves had no place in particular to be in the morning that we totally forgot Mary still had to work. So we bid her a fond farewell and sadly headed back to our own not nearly so nice Econolodge motel room...

And yes, the group picture of us is on someone else's camera. Will post it soon I hope.


Mary Stori said...

Thanks for the kind words! Darn WORK can get in the way of fun......hope there will be another opportunity to gather when I have more free time. Pass my name around out in your beautiful part of the country!

Enjoying your blog....have bookmarked it.
Mary Stori

The Idaho Beauty said...

Now that I know you have one, I've bookmarked yours as well. And knowing that you're following me here only makes me slightly self-conscious! vbg