Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diverted Again

There's not been much creative journeying going on this week, partly because I'm working on the publicity for this Art event at my church. Here's my flyer which took longer than it probably should have. I'm still fumbling my way around Corel Paint Shop Pro. I have an older publishing program that is easier to use but limited in what you can do. I wanted to float images of the maple leaves, but the old program wouldn't accept an image like that. It "saw" the transparent background too.

I'm always glad for any opportunity to learn the Corel program better, and I think I finally understand how to add and edit text now. And I had great fun with my maple leaf scattering.

This is the photo I used for the background, one taken of my maple tree the first year I was here. I blurred it over in the other program, but I could have blurred it here too.

And here is the scan of one of many maple leaves I've collected. I used the "magic wand" feature to select and copy just the leaf, then pasted it over on my background as a new selection. Multiple copies later, I could twist and turn and spread them around "artistically."

No one twisted my arm to put together this art exhibit. It was my idea because I wanted to have another open house exhibit without having it in my house. I also knew there were other artistic types among the membership at my church, and I knew I'd never have enough new work ready to fill the walls on my own. I've chaired small guild quilt shows in the past, so thought this would be no big deal. What was I thinking???

So many details, so many things to remember, so much information to relay to the other artists least I don't have to do anything with the Oktoberfest end of it. We're hoping the dual event will draw more people, enticing people who otherwise might not come out for an art show but would for bratwurst and beer, and vise versa. We'll see. If I can finish the publicity this week, I should be able to ignore it next week and get back to the studio. After all, I still have a few quilts to finish up for the show...

I'm waiting on pictures from the friends I met with down in Hood River to finish out the story of my weekend. Bear with me - there are some balky computers out there refusing to give up their jpgs.

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