Monday, September 15, 2008


I thought I'd share a little of what I did on my trip in and around Hood River, Or. Here I am with journal quilt partner, former hand-dyed business partner, and still bestest friend Judi in front of Horsetail Falls. I'd requested a little sightseeing during my visit because I've never had the opportunity to do more than whiz by the beauty of the Columbia Gorge. Judi, who is originally from Wisconsin, has been visiting this area for years since her parents relocated here, and now lives here herself, so she was more than happy to show me around this area that she loves so much.

Next stop was Multnomah Falls, where we treated ourselves to a fabulous lunch at the lodge before checking out the falls. This is the classic shot of the two-section falls and Benson Bridge. Now THAT'S where I want to be, on that bridge, I told Judi, not realizing we were standing right where the trail up to it started. So up we went.

Here's another view of the bridge.

And here's the upper part of the falls. That large rock by the pool is extremely large and the reason the trail to that area is now closed to hikers. The story goes that it fell during a wedding ceremony being staged there and fortunately no one was hurt.

On the way up the switchbacking trail, I spotted these large trees covered with thick moss.

We'd dawdled quite a bit over lunch so the rest of the falls along this stretch of road would have to wait for my next visit. (To see some of the sites we missed along the scenic hwy, go here.) We needed to get to Stevenson across the river to meet up with other quilter friends at a local quilt show. More on that in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila,

Welcome to the wonderful wet side of the Cascades. Enjoy your visit -- I'm sending good vibes. And come to Portland if you have a minute -- I'll be home. You can't find our phone number in the book, but you can always email me.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, June, you were certainly on my mind, but no time this trip. But it's good to know I'm welcome. As you know, we had exceptional weather for our weekend - we might have had to stay inside and sew had it been a classic wet one. vbg

brdhsbldr said...

Lovely pictures.
I remember hearing of the big rock falling - sometime not that terribly far in the bleary past.
We're keeping the weather good for you on this side of the mountains.
Creston, BC

Olga said...

What spectacular country, and I love that photo of the trees.