Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Source of Inspiration

I attended a "quiet day" at my church yesterday which actually turned out to be a lot less quiet than my normal days. It's just me and the dog working at home all day, and to be fair, you can hardly expect that many women to get together in one room and stay very quiet for long. ;-) I didn't feel I could spare the time so close to the opening of the exhibit at the church next weekend, but thought maybe some focused quiet time might do me some good. I hadn't expected the books offered for free, nor that I would find one so perfect for me to bring home.

I was immediately drawn to the photographs taken in and around churches with Gothic architecture. My mind immediately started bubbling with ideas. It was only when I got it home and read the introduction that I realized it was meant as a devotional book.. I can see pairing some of the themes and photos for future quilts while nourishing my soul in the bargain. If I hadn't gone to the quiet day, I'd not have come across this book with fresh sources of inspiration. A reminder that we need to get out of the studio and keep our eyes open, even in the most unlikeliest places.

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